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Investing in Yourself, Sobtech, & the Evolution of AI in Teleradiology


In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews radiologist and entrepreneur Dr. Vikram Sobti about how he started his own teleradiology practice, his perspective on learning about fields outside of medicine, and his predictions for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. To listen to this podcast with Dr. Vikram Sobti click here!

Show Notes

Dr. Sobti describes the workflow of his current teleradiology practice, Innovative Radiology PC. The company operates in 22 different states and employs 12 radiologists. This collaboration is possible due to a cloud-based PACS system. The radiologists’ efficient same-day throughput and availability for referring doctors makes the company’s services very attractive. Dr. Sobti believes that working from home and having control over one’s own schedule provides net benefits for a radiologist.

With AI playing a growing role in diagnostic radiology, Dr. Sobti is constantly learning about how it can be applied to his own practice and how it will change the landscape of his field. We discuss the differences between AI technology in triage versus diagnosis. In the former category, AI can help with initial detection of emergency cases and assist radiologists in prioritizing these cases. On the other hand, Dr. Sobti suspects that AI-automated diagnoses will not be available for at least 20 years, since there is still lots of development to be done on the technological, legal, and organizational aspects. He describes the process of experimenting with Multus Medical’s AI-generated animations to assist his workflow in spine imaging.

Finally, Dr. Sobti gives advice on investing in personal development and experiences that can help physicians acquire a deeper understanding of where their fields are heading. He highlights different reasons for pursuing higher education in clinical informatics and business. According to his own experiential learning style, the best source of education has been starting and managing multiple healthcare businesses.



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