Routine X-Rays.

X-ray uses electromagnetic radiation to make images of your bones, teeth and internal organs. Simply put, X-rays allow doctors to take pictures of the inside of your body. One of the oldest forms of medical imaging, X-ray is a simple, painless medical test that can help your doctor provide you with appropriate treatment, even in emergency situations. It’s a fast, easy and safe way for your doctor to view and assess conditions ranging from broken bones to cancer.

X-Ray Benefits

X-Ray imaging is useful to diagnose bone injury and disease, such as fractures, bone infections, arthritis and cancer

Because X-Ray imaging is so fast and easy, it is particularly useful in emergency diagnosis and treatment

Modern X-Ray techniques use only a fraction of the radiation required in the early days of radiology.

Special care is taken during X-Ray examinations to ensure safety for the patient by shielding organs with a lead apron.

Risks of X-Rays

Women should always inform their doctor or technologist if there is any possibility they might be pregnant

During a procedure, a patient is exposed to a small amount of radiation.

Imaging Results

At FCDI, we have a radiologist on site during the daytime hours, so the test will be interpreted promptly. The results will be sent to your referring doctor within hours of your exam. You may obtain your results from your doctor. A CD copy of the images will be given to you before you leave.

Same day X-ray available,


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Imaging services.

High-Field Wide Bore MRI

One of the safest, most comfortable imaging techniques available.


CT-Scan is an X-ray technique that produces more detailed images of your internal organs.


Offering Low Dose lung screenings if you have an order from your physician.

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