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How will I get my results and images to my doctor?


You’ve made the smart choice to have your diagnostic imaging done at Forest City but how will my results and images get to my Doctor?

Forest City Diagnostic Imaging has several VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to send your results to your Doctor.

All of our referring physicians have access to our private, secure Physicians Portal so they can view your images and report online.

We also have secure, direct image transfer capability with the following Facilities:

  1. Swedish American Hospital and Clinics
  2. OSF Hospital and Clinics
  3. Mercy Hospital and Clinics
  4. Freeport Health System
  5. Ortho Illinois
  6. Rockford Spine Center
  7. KSB Hospital-Dixon
  8. Physician Immediate Care Clinics
  9. UW-Health System
  10. Beloit Health System
  11. Loyola Health System

Your images and results are sent immediately after the Radiologist has finished the interpretation. This is usually the same day of your exam.

Also, we give you a CD of your images to keep for your personal medical records.

Forest City IS the right choice!

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